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Posted by Koopacoon - July 15th, 2019

Hello there! It's been a while since I wrote in here, I just wanted to say thank you to all my new followers that I'm getting, and welcome to my quirky gallery.

As you can see I've been uploading several images lately, which I'm very happy about, I've been dealing with managing my Party Store, for those who don't know I made a big investment, bought a small house and filled it up with Party supplies, and I've been dealing with that since 2018, the business is going well, it maintains itself and it's giving me a nice income, right now things are getting a bit less hectic, that's why I'm starting to fill up my gallery, I hope I can continue to do this more often.

I still have some commissions to finish, alongside other projects with some friends I got, so I cannot open commissions atm, I wanna finish up some stuff, however I've been doing some commission doodles on my streams for those who want it.

Lastly, Speaking on stream, due to these projects tha that I wanna finish up now, the commissions and collabs, I haven't been able to stream the last week and this one.

Hopefully I can get back in my groove soon, but I've been streaming every monday starting at 12:00 pm CST so if you are around that hour hop on my Picarto at https://picarto.tv/AnAnonimousRobot I might be streaming, and you might be able to get a slot for just 5 dollars, not today, saddly, but every time I'm streaming I make an announcement so you guys can keep an eye on that.

Anyways,I just wanted to make this so you guys can see what I've been up to, I hope to be a bit more consistant and being more invovled in my... well every place I upload, Oh that reminds me, I'm gonna upload something that I'm gonna use as ID, something where I link all my galleries where I upload stuff, so look forward for that.

Well I guess that should be it, if something else comes up I'm gonna make sure to let you know guys.

Thanks for reading
Love ya'll

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Posted by Koopacoon - December 5th, 2018

I'd really like to thank Tumblr for making people migrate to this awesome page, since everyone is doing it, it's time to make a comeback here, which is good cause I really love this page back in the day, and I'm sure as heck I'm gonna enjoy it now.

I'll start strong by uploading some stuff and following people that I used to follow, doing some faves, and why not, that'll include some of the stuff I used to watch here 10 years ago!

I guess that's all I'll say for now... to my 0 followers that I have during the writting of this post.

And if you followed me, Thanks for the support!